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CHARACTER SERIES: The Amazing Spiderman/MCU


Backtagging: Yes! Into oblivion.
Threadhopping: If it's appropriate, I won't mind! Especially on net posts, if the communication is not marked [PRIVATE], it's fair game. If you want to thread hop on a log post, I'd appreciate a warning but I'll usually be open to it (but be sure to double check with the other party too!)
Fourthwalling: Unless you're Deadpool, he'll assume you're talking about media from his homeworld (comic books and the like). I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention his secret identity. If you're from a world where Peter is fictional and it's reasonable that you would know about him, I also don't mind your character having an internal!freakout over meeting him - just don't say anything to his face or he might have his own panic attack.
Offensive subjects: None in particular for mun, but if you mention Gwen, Harry, his Uncle, or any of the massive guilt Peter harbors, he'll probably get testy.



Physical Description: Brown hair, brown-honey eyes, usually with thick glasses in front of them. He doesn't need them, but at this point it's more habit than anything else. He's tall, thin; a lanky boy hiding wiry muscle. Very unassuming, probably not someone you'd notice (although he does look a little shifty in his hoodie).
General Demeanor/Presence: Peter is a pretty graceless guy, unless he's thinking about it. When he's focused, usually fighting or web-slinging, he's pure elegance and precision. He's also got crazy reflexes, so if you throw something at him he's likely to catch it before he even realizes it was thrown at him. He's not a very commanding presence in his civvies, but in his Spiderman suit he's a force to be reckoned with. It almost gives him confidence, the mask - he's free to be this larger-than-life character, and use his powers to their full potential.
Pertinent Medical Information: He used to be a pretty sickly kid, particularly with his acute asthma attacks, complete lack of hand-eye coordination, and awful eyesight. The spiderbite fixed all of that, though, and gave him a frankly ridiculous healing factor. There isn't much that will put him down for long, though he is susceptible to normal human injuries (he'll just heal very quickly).
Personal Belongings: He'll usually have his backpack, which has a few textbooks in it and his notebook, occasionally his laptop. He'll also have his Spiderman suit, web shooters, and refill pellets with him, just in case he runs into trouble.
Current CALL Device Designation: HERO Network
Mentor/Journeyman/Student: Journeyman/Student; Journeyman for regular street crime, Student for anything more intense
Residence/Business: N/A
Powers/Skills: Found here towards the bottom of the page

Other notable skills include photography and skateboarding.


Hugging this character: Go for it! Whether or not he hugs you back will depend on your relationship with him/his mood/whether or not he's in costume.
Kissing this character: Yes, but expect a lot of confusion and a very flustered Peter. Or an accidental punch to the face, it depends.
Flirting with this character: He's awful at it, but it makes mun cackle so yes please.
Fighting with this character: He's combat ready! Go for it!
Injuring this character: Yes! Keep in mind that it's not likely to keep him down for long. Peter is prone to continue fighting well past his limits, so if you're shocked he's still standing - so is he. I prefer the 'attempt-accept' method, where character A attempts a hit and character B accepts or dodges the hit. I'm willing to whump Peter till the cows come home, but for anything ~particularly gruesome~ ping me to discuss it.
Killing this character: I'm open to it, especially since he'll come back (assuming he dies in the SFC). Of course, refer to above and contact me if this is something you want to do (he's scrappy).
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, Peter doesn't have any protection from it. Let me know if this is something you want to do and I'll be happy to feed you mind morsels. If there's something specific you're trying to get out of him, let's talk about it - I'm assuming you can't read it if he isn't thinking about it.
Using magic/mystical abilities on this character: Let's discuss it? Just so I know what to expect!

Warnings: None for Peter, unless you count major survivor's guilt.
Other Notes: He's my smol baby <3
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