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Player Name: Robin
Player Age: 18+
Player Contact: trickster8899 on AIM or trickster8888@gmail.com
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Characters Currently Played: N/A

Character Name: Peter Parker
Character Age: 20
Wiki Page: Here
Canon: The Amazing Spiderman/MCU
Entry Point From Canon: Post-TASM 2; Pre-Civil War.
Media Type: Movies

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Found here towards the bottom of the page

Other remarkable skills include photography and skateboarding.

Heroic/Villainous/Neutral: Peter falls firmly on the side of the Heroes, mostly due to his innate desire to help those who cannot help themselves. While at times his judgement can become muddled, ultimately he is, at heart, of sound morals and convictions. Canon definitely depicts him this way; not without temptations, but with severe consequences when he doesn't pick the right side (see: his Uncle's death).

Currently, I don't have any plans for Peter to slide on this scale. He has his dark side (beating Otto Octavius within an inch of his life in the comics), but it's very difficult to push him to that place. At his current canon point he's had almost all of his loved ones stripped from him, and he's still picking the side of the hero. However, if at some point he had a plot that pushed him into the neutral and/or villain side (Venom, perhaps?) I would not be opposed to it.

Mentor/Journeyman/Rookie: It's hard to quantify with Peter, mostly because there are different levels of crime. At his usual street level, I'd say he would be considered a Journeyman; he's paid his dues, had his ass handed to him and gotten back up. He knows his job and how the streets work, though that's not to say he doesn't have room for improvement. However, put him up in the big leagues with the Avengers, aliens flying around and madmen trying to destroy the world? He's very much a Rookie in that situation.

Which Area(s) Of The City Interest You For Your Character? The City of Tomorrow, the City of Laughter, the City of Adventure, and the City of Romance are probably top picks for Peter. He's always been interested in science - it runs in his blood, literally - so the City of Tomorrow is where you're likely to find him whenever he has a spare moment. The City of Laughter appeals to the Spiderman part of Peter - finally, somewhere that will appreciate his endless stream of jokes! The City of Adventure sounds like a great place to patrol, so he'll likely spend his nights there, protecting their alleyways as much as he does his own home. The City of Romance is a place he'll go to punish himself, usually when he's thinking about Gwen, watching the couples pass by.

Samples: Both In Hell Meme with Tony Stark | [personal profile] im_ironman
PSL with Harry Osborn | [personal profile] goblinjr

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