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Backtagging: Yup! Are you kidding? Sometimes life eats me alive and all I do is backtag.
Threadhopping: If it's appropriate. Or funny. Peter's pretty easy-going.
Fourthwalling: If you're Deadpool, please. Other than that, yes? Ish. I'd like to talk about it first, but I usually go with he knows there are comics people make about Spiderman (as in, people speculate on his origins and sell toys, shirts, and various merchandise with his spider insignia on it). He'll probably assume that's what you're referring to.
Offensive subjects Do's: If you want to get Peter angry, feel free to poke at his Uncle's/Gwen's death or insult his Aunt. He's usually pretty level-headed though.
Offensive Subjects Don't: Neither Peter nor I have any triggers, so go for it.


Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Color him surprised but sure.
Flirting with this character: Yes; as Spiderman he's more likely to flirt back, but as Peter he might trip over his own feet.
Sex with this character: Since it's for the greater good to ward off the monsters, yes! He might be a bit awkward, but that's just the Parker way.
Fighting with this character: Go for it, but he'll definitely hold his own.
Injuring this character: Injuring him is a little tricky; he'll typically be able to dodge projectiles and can hold his own in hand to hand combat. If you're terribly more experienced, you're more likely to land a hit, but Peter has a 'spidey sense' that almost predicts attacks (doesn't mean he catches everything!) So while the fight may last a little longer, he can still be injured. He also recovers quicker than normal from most injuries, so even while injured he might still be on his feet.
Killing this character: Talk to me first?
Sexual Preference: Peter is bisexual, but he hesitates to put a label on it. He lives in New York, so being different has never really been an issue for him, in that regard. Coupled with the fact that his Aunt raised him to love whoever he wanted, Peter has always been very fluid and comfortable with his sexuality.
Kink Do's: Everything under the sun and more. Don't worry about breaking him; he's durable.
Kink Don'ts: Nothing I can think of at the moment. I make it a policy to try everything at least once (unless it's something I think Peter wouldn't do), so feel free to suggest whatever you like.
Warnings: Peter is kind of a sarcastic shit, so if you're not hip for his speed of humor, he's probably not the right character for you to interact with.


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